Bolognese Sauce

In my quest for serving more protein for my growing boys I stumbled on to a gem of a recipe for bolognese sauce on NY Times Cooking site.  I have tried this several times with awesome results and get a lot of compliments for this.  “It’s like eating in a restaurant” is what I hear often – I am not a great cook and not an expert in making pasta dishes so that compliment says a lot about this recipe.

The recipe – Marcella Hazan’s Bolognese Sauce – can be found here.  Some notes on this:

  • Toss pasta with baby spinach or kale.  More veggies…yay!
  • I prefer using San Marzano tomatoes
  • Used fresh tomatoes once when I didn’t have canned.  Boiled the tomatoes a bit and peeled the skin off before chopping them into pieces.  To get that canned tomato flavor added about a tbsp of ketchup
  • I don’t cook for 3 hours – one to one and half hour seems to work fine
  • I use cabernet sauvignon for this.  Crane Lakes (I get it at Wegmans) is great at around $3 per bottle
  • Nutmeg is optional.  I cooked several times without nutmeg and it turned out fine.
  • Basil…can never go wrong with this!


bolognese sauce.png


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