Dondakaya Pachadi

Roti pachadi is a traditional side dish in cuisine from Andhra Pradesh (a southern state in India).  It is made with vegetables and is tangy and, as all dishes from Andhra Pradesh go, quite spicy.  Traditionally these pachadis (pickles) are made in mortar (rolu) by pounding vegetables with green chillies and tamarind…and hence the name roti pachadi (mortar pickles).  A blender has replaced the mortar these days but essentially it’s the same recipe.  Vegetables – like sorakaya, dondakaya, cabbage, red bell pepper – or vegetable peels (especially beerakaya) can be used to make pachadis.  No authentic meal from Andhra Pradesh (AP) is complete without this spicy accompaniment.  The pachadi is not only great with rice and rotis but I also use it in salads (as salad dressing…spice up things a bit) and as a sandwich spread for cucumber sandwiches.

This weekend I tried dondakaya pachadi – recipe from Sailu’s Kitchen (my go to place for traditional, authentic and fail-proof recipes).  I like coriander flavor in my pachadis and so add a handful of coriander (both leaves and tender stems) while sautéing the vegetables.  If we don’t have company I like to skip the seasoning (who wants more oil, right?).

Recipe can be found here.



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