Valentines Day Pancakes!

I liked New York Times on Facebook and so I get quite a lot of their posts, including NY Times Cooking, show up on my news feed.  This morning, a recipe for pancakes showed up – “A last-minute breakfast-in-bed idea, in case Valentine’s Day crêped up on you”.  I thought “creped up” was simultaneously cute and cheesy.  Anyway, I have been having great luck with NY Times Cooking recipes and so I decided to try this for today’s breakfast.  When we were in New Orleans a while ago we tried “Red Gravy” for breakfast since it had great reviews.  The kids tried “Boardwalk Waffles” – waffles served with ice-cream and, naturally, they loved it.  I tried praline pancakes and loved them too … they were a little too sweet though.  Since then for special occasions they have ice-cream at breakfast and so I served the pancakes with ice-cream and, needless to say, the kids were super thrilled.  I halved the recipe and made a couple additions:

  • Added 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • Added chocolate chips for the kids’ pancakes
  • Added walnuts for ours
  • Wanted to add 1 tbsp of ground flaxseed but forgot.  Will try and add next time

I served the pancakes topped with banana and Nigella Lawson’s maple syrup with blue berries sauce.  I didn’t have blue berries so I substituted raspberries and blackberries.  I topped mine with hemp seeds as well.

Here are the recipes for pancakes and sauce.



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