Brie appetizer!

I love cheese so much that I can never be a vegan or if I become a vegan I would definitely cheat on cheese.  Of course, not all types of cheese are for me, for example, I don’t like moldy cheeses and feta cheese is yet to grow on me.  I wasn’t much of goat cheese person but it grew on me and now I love the creamy texture of it…especially in salads.  Brie is one of my favorite cheeses – and brie paired with fig jam is a great party appetizer.  Easy to prep and serve and tastes awesome.  I have also paired it with pineapple habanero sauce from Costco – in fact, I like this better than fig jam since the habanero has that spicy kick and it’s a wonderful combination of flavors – salty, sweet and spicy!  I recently tried it with pepper jelly from Trader Joe’s and although it is more sweet than spicy…it does pair well with brie.  I personally prefer water crackers to serve brie with since the cracker does not have a strong flavor and lets the flavors brie and jelly take over while adding the crunch.  There is really no prep involved to make this appetizer – serve brie on a cheese board with a cheese knife, crackers and jelly.  Or you can make it ahead of time and serve but it is really best to have the brie sit on the cheese board and have your guests make their own appetizer.



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