DIY Scrub!

I love simple home-made scrubs but I don’t make/use them as often as I would like to.  After returning home from a 3 week trip I thought I would pamper my skin with some home-made goodness.  This lemon scrub is just what I needed. The vanilla extract lends it such a pleasant scent while the lemon makes it refreshing. I made the following changes to the recipe:

  • Used 1/4 cup coconut oil and 1/2 cup olive oil instead of the 3/4 oil that the recipe calls for
  • Added a few drops of jojoba oil

Body scrubs are great since they exfoliate, moisturize and depending on what scent you use have aromatherapy properties.  I have only tried sugar as the exfoliant so far but would like to try oatmeal and almond meal too sometimes.  Ground coffee can be used as exfoliant too and I guess being a coffee lover I would love that.  Next on my list to try are essential oils like lavender, sandalwood (my favorite) and patchouli.

Happy scrubbing!