Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies get consumed by tons in our household – like any other household with kids.  I usually buy Nestle’s chocolate chip dough or pre-made cookies from grocery store or Costco but this time, I decided to make the cookies from scratch.  And I turned to my cooking bible – NYT Cooking – and sure enough I found a recipe that I felt like trying.  There are some recipes that I read and pass and some that grab me and don’t let go.  It doesn’t matter that I don’t have all the listed ingredients or the indicated prep time…I just have to try that and that recipe alone.  Same was the case with this recipe by David Leite – I did not have the two different kinds of flours in the ingredients, I did not have the listed chocolate chips, I did not have 24 hours to refrigerate the dough and most importantly, I did not have the stand mixer that this recipe needed.  I rolled up my sleeves and after struggling through with my not-up-to-the-task hand blender and almost giving up I had the cookie dough ready.  I popped the cookies into the oven couple hours later and was so pleased with the results – I am not a baker and I couldn’t believe that I cooked up a great batch of cookies. The kids loved them and polished off the batch.  So yay for my efforts!


Here are the tweaks I made to the original recipe:

  • I just used all purpose flour
  • I used regular chocolate chips and reduced the amount to half since I did not have semi-sweet.  I still felt that there were too many chocolate chips
  • I added chopped walnuts to half of the dough since kids are not crazy about nuts in their cookies and I love nuts in mine
  • I only refrigerated the first batch for about 2 hours.  Based on reviews on the site I pre-scooped the cookie dough before refrigerating it.  If you don’t it becomes brittle and difficult to scoop
  • Skipped the sea salt part before the baking since I was not sure if the kids will like it.  Should probably experiment with it

The original recipe is here.


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