Blueberry Scones!

My favorite pastry item, after coffee crumb cake, is blueberry scone.  When I looked up the recipe for blueberry scone I wasn’t even planning on making it although on a grocery trip yesterday I bought blueberries since I had been thinking about blueberry scone.  The recipe I found was so simple and I had all the ingredients I needed so I decided to whip these up for breakfast.  There is something about baking pastries early in the morning – the aroma itself is a wonderful start for the day and a warm pastry for breakfast is the icing on the cake.

This recipe takes less than 10 minutes to put together and around 20 minutes to bake … perfect for weekend mornings.  The original recipe is here.

Changes I made:

  • I had only 1/4 cup of heavy cream so I used whole milk for the rest.  However, whole milk is thinner than heavy cream and I think the consistency of my dough may have been affected by that.  I could not roll the dough out and so did not get perfect triangles
  • I did not have salted butter so used unsalted butter instead.  I did not, however, add any extra salt



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