Pan Roasted Fish!

Another recipe from NY Times.  I came across this recipe in Morning Briefing emails that NY Times sends to subscribers and I think it is really thoughtful of NY Times to include recipes in there – gives readers ideas for dinner…or gets them thinking about dinner.  Since salmon was on the menu for dinner at our house I thought I will try the pan roasted recipe in the briefing…it looked simple enough and I was itching to use my newly planted herbs.  After going through the comments I, however, made a few changes to the recipe:

  • Used less oil
  • Cooked flesh side down first and then flipped to the skin side
  • Heated butter in a small pan with herbs and poured over the filets
  • Increased cooking time

The fish did come out nicely roasted.  I served it on a bed of pasta tossed with vodka sauce (store bought and heated with chopped kale and red pepper flakes; I used the same pan I heated the butter in to infuse the herb flavor as well) and basil.

The original recipe is here.



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