Black Bean Brownies!

The concept of hiding vegetables in plain sight by mixing pureed vegetables into kids’ favorite dishes is not new but I haven’t tried it much.  When I saw a recipe for black bean brownies in a Parade magazine I was curious enough to try it.  We bake brownies quite regularly and I usually stock up on brownie mix from Costco so I was all set with the ingredients.  This recipe from Joy Bauer’s “From Junk Food to Joy Food” is pretty simple and the kids were fooled.  They do think it tastes different but the black beans went unnoticed.  The brownies were less sweet because of the addition of beans but otherwise texture and appearance was the same.  Not bad at all for all the extra protein and fiber you get.


Recipe from Parade magazine:


  • Brownie mix – 1 18 oz box
  • Black beans – 1 15 oz can
  • Eggs – 1 large beaten (optional)


  1. After draining and rinsing, return beans to can, adding enough water to cover. Place beans and water in a blender; puree
  2. Combine bean puree and brownie mix in a mixing bowl
  3. Add egg if you want a softer, spongier consistency
  4. Mix thoroughly and bake according to box directions

Notes: I used Ghirardelli Double Chocolate Brownie Mix.  I also added egg to black beans and pureed it all together.  Baking is an exact science and beating the egg vs putting it in a blender might make a difference – Alton Brown would know and elaborate – but blending it was more convenient 🙂


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