Pura Naturals!

What caught my attention about these sponges is “no need to microwave or put in dishwasher”…I routinely throw my kitchen sponges in the dishwasher and then microwave them for 30 seconds once they come out of the dishwasher to kill the bacteria and odors.  So when I saw these sponges at WholeFoods I grabbed them to give it a try.  I researched the company only after I bought it and was quite pleased to learn that these sponges have a negative carbon print.  The technology – BeBetterFoam – was initially developed to clean up the BP oil spill and the company has since launched home and beauty products using the same technology.

The sponges I bought are soap infused and have citrus fragrance.  Once the soap runs out I can add any dishwashing soap I have.  I have been using this sponge for over a week and I am quite happy with it…absolutely no smell and dries out pretty quickly.  The only thing I would have liked is a scrubber since the sponge is too soft to attack stuck on food.  The company does have other sponges with a scrubber or this sponge can be used in conjunction with a steel scrubber.

Not sure how this will hold up but after a week the sponge is still fresh and has soap left.  Clean dishes and greener planet!




Green toothbrush…finally!

I subscribe to feeds from RealSimple.com and I love them.  One of the feeds ‘Clever Items to Simplify Your Life’ brims with information about new and old products that really are quite cool.  One of the items that I caught my eyes in this week’s list is ‘Snap Toothbrush System’.  I have always felt that toothbrushes can be reduced/recycled better.  I am not a big environmentalist nor a fanatic when it comes to reduce-recyle but I try and do my part.  Every time, we go to dentist’s or orthodontist’s office, I always feel a twinge of guilt when the dentist tears out a brand new toothbrush just to lightly brush over my kids’ teeth or to demonstrate some thing to them.  Of course, I do try and get those brand new tooth brushes home but some times they get lost.  Why don’t they use some thing simpler in the doctor’s offices?  Some thing that is not a full sized tooth brush?

So, I was quite excited about the new toothbrush system.  You just need to change the brush head and you have a new toothbrush…imagine, how much plastic you can save!  I have not tried it yet…I still have tens of toothbrushes from dentist’s offices (we visit every month since my kids have braces and they get new tooth brushes every single time) to use.  But this product is worth a try.  You get 12 toothbrushes for $18 and it sounds pretty reasonable.  Go green!



To buy: thegrommet.come