West Wing – Posse Comitatus!

I didn’t watch West Wing when it was originally being aired … I knew it was popular and I heard a lot of people talking about it but not sure why I never watched it.  But better late than never they say.  I recently started watching West Wing on Netflix and I cannot express how much I love this show.  I am more in love with Jediah Bartlet character than with the show and the wonderful core group he has.  Yes…they often come across as naive and muddled (not Leo.  Mr.McGarry is the boss) but they all have good hearts.  After watching Newsroom, another show by Aaron Sorkin, it seems to me that he really wants to educate people about policies and politics….and that is quite a noble goal.  The shows being his own will probably reflect his convictions but he does try and get perspective from both sides.

Every episode of West Wing has quotable quotes and strong scenes and characterizations and it occurred to me on the final episode of Season 3 that I should jot down my favorite parts of the episode.

So for Posse Comitatus, apart from the Abdul Shareef’s dilemma, what caught me was the exchange between Ritchie and the president.  The minute Ritchie said what he said I wanted to slap him for saying that…apparently Mr.President also thought so.  The transcript of my favorite part:

BARTLET: C.J. Cregg was getting threats so we put an agent on her. He’s agood guy. He was on my detail for a while, and he was in Rosslyn. He walked in the middle of an armed robbery, and was shot and killed after detaining one of the suspects.

RITCHIE: Oh. Crime. Boy, I don’t know. (This is where I wanted to slap him)

….and they continue to converse….

BARTLET: They’re playing my song.

Bartlet stands and heads to the stairs, but he turns to Ritchie before
reaching them.

BARTLET: In the future, if you’re wondering, “Crime. Boy, I don’t know”
is when I decided to kick your ass.