Banana Kale Smoothies!

I love smoothies…nutrition in a glass and, if you want, you can make them work extra hard for you by adding protein powder or peanut/almond butter.  They are also a great way of getting bananas into my kids.  They both play basketball and hate eating bananas – a great post-workout recovery food.  Ina Garten’s Orange Banana Smoothie is a godsend since they lap it up.  I do take the pains of making fresh orange juice since it tastes infinitely better than store bought orange juice.  I am very smug about the tweaks I made to her recipe since the kids do not realize that they are getting chia seeds, kale and spinach in the smoothies.  Changes to her recipe:

  • I add a tbsp of chia seeds
  • Instead of using just fresh strawberries I use frozen mix of berries, kale and spinach that I get from Costco

I personally prefer diary based smoothies to juice based smoothies.  And lately I realized that I prefer the taste of almond milk/coconut milk based smoothies to diary based smoothies.  And a smoothie is a great way to incorporate kale into my diet.  I buy fresh kale, clean it and freeze it so it’s handy.  I can buy frozen kale but found that it is hard to use and a bit slimy.  The fresh kale that is frozen crumbles easily so it’s convenient.  This green smoothie, made more powerful with chia seeds and almond butter, is perfect for breakfast on the go or for post workout snack.



  • Banana* – 1
  • Kale – 1/2 cup
  • Almond butter – 1 tbsp
  • Coconut milk – 1 cup
  • Chia seeds – 1 tbsp


Blend everything till smooth and enjoy!

*Bananas should be just ripe.  Too ripe bananas have a strong smell and flavor.  One can’t run to the store 3 times a week to pick bananas that are perfect.  Peel and freeze bananas so they remain fresh.  Frozen bananas also make the smoothie creamier.